Strategic C2 System for CSDP Missions and Operations (EUMILCOM)

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The project aims to improve the command and control systems of EU missions and operations through the provision of an ambitious strategic level suite of capabilities, in a modular and scalable approach for future developments.

The Strategic Command and Control (C2) System for CSDP missions and operations includes the capability to conduct several simultaneous operations, with all kinds of forces, anywhere in the world, either independently or in cooperation with NATO. The Strategic C2 will integrate all kinds of Communication and Information Systems (CIS), Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Logistic (LOG) means and will be interoperable with Member States (MS), EU forces, NATO and civil agencies.

Once implemented, the project will enhance the military decision-making process, improve the planning and conduction of operations and missions, and the coordination of EU forces.


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